What Is Google AdsWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising service that helps advertisers meet their customers instantly.

When someone searches for a specific term on Google, say’ travel packages,’ Google will send you a search list. But if you look closely, you’ll find that advertisements are usually the top and bottom results.

How Many Types Of Google Ads?

  1. Search Ads

The list of advertisements above the organic page is called search ads if a user searches for something on Google. For example, the search results will look like this when a user searches for “Kashmir holiday packages.”

Ads are the ones labelled with “Ad.”  Then, the natural findings below.

When determining which ad to view first, Google considers several variables, as well as the series of ads that follow. In a more detailed chapter later, we will discuss all these variables, their relative importance, the relationship between various factors, etc. But let’s look at them briefly:

What Is The Important Factor In Search Ads?

  • Targeting – For example, the advertising will be shown in the area you want (you can go as detailed as the ZIP code) Search term or keyword–what the user is looking for + the keyword to target the ad for.
  • Relevance of ad copy – Advertising that tend to be important for a specific search term. A university quest should not throw travel package away.
  • Landing page experience – How important to what the searcher wanted is the landing page? Has he got what he’d been looking for?
  • Conversion rate – Relevance, performance of the landing page, and knowledge influence this again.
  • Bids – When 2 advertisers have perfect advertisements or landing pages, priority is given to the higher bid than the lower one.
  • Quality score – Again the quality score depends on all the other factors mentioned above. Therefore, it’s more like a loop than any other. It’s all interrelated.

2. Display Ads

You’ve ever heard them? When reading a post or watching a video on some random website, you see ads on the page in many different places and in different dimensions. These are advertisements for show.

What is Google Adwords – Display ads The searcher is not specifically asking for what advertisements are provided here. Yet Google decides to show them to you, based on a number of variables such as: –

  • Keywords
  • Viewer interest
  • Controlled placements

Such display ads appear only on websites that are funded by advertisers.

Below are the selection requirements that Google chooses the Traffic websites (you can search on Google Analytics) that for positioning the banner ads based on.

  • Keywords – The advertisements are shown according to the keywords for which they are designed. Let’s say “Social Media Marketing” is the keyword for the ad, and then Google will pick websites with content on the subject.
  • Placements – Placements are nothing more than the websites you want to see your ad on. Only add the websites instead of keywords where you want to view the ads. For example, if you only want to view your ads on travel-related websites, then search for travel-supported advertisement sites and add them to your goal.
  • Remarketing – This will help you reconnect with current visitors to your website. You can use this to track people who came to your website but did not take any action.
  • Subject – AdWords includes specific topics in which all websites are grouped together. Choosing business-related topics will be simpler for advertisers. For example, travel-related websites are listed under the’ travel’ category.

3. Shopping Ads

If you are a distributor, it would make more sense for you to do this type of campaign. This form of ad increases traffic to your website and helps to generate leads in value and improve your conversions.

That is how shopping ads on the search network should appear.

What Points Requirements For Running Shopping Advertising ?

  • Set up an account with Google Merchant Center (a website that lets retailers upload all their product listings in a specific format).
  • Set up and link an account with Google AdWords.
  • Give the revised consumer information to Google Merchant Center every 30 days.

Because both tools are linked together, Google Merchant Center shopping ads take all product details, suit the search query and show relevant ads to the user.

4. Video Ads

This type of ad enables advertisers to use YouTube and other Google Display Networks to display video ads.

The Three main advantages of running video ads are:

  • Improved targeting – This type of ad has targeting demographics, venue, interest, keywords and apps that help you reach the right audience on YouTube and Google Display Network.
  • More Reach – YouTube is the 3rd most visited website as of January 2017 and has 30 million users every day. Video advertisements can also be seen on the Google Display Network. Which ensures you have exposure to a broader audience.
  • Measurable – Unlike TV advertising, YouTube commercials let you know all the requisite metrics such as views, viewing levels, clicks, reach and duration, interaction, quality, etc. It lets you quantify video ads success.


So, you now know what Google AdWords is, and the types of ads you can run. My next chapter will give you strong reasons to get started immediately with Google ads and use them to boost your ROI.

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